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Who is the Freeze Dry Guy?

Hello! My name is Darrel Rust and I am “The Freeze Dry Guy”. I am located in the Boerne area out on family ranch. I went to Taxidermy school and had started doing taxidermy when I discovered that there was no one in the area doing freeze drying. I saw the need and decided it would be an excellent opportunity. I bought my first freeze dryer about seven years ago and now I have three North Star freeze dryers. I take pride in producing a quality product. My specialty is freeze drying antlers in velvet.  Freeze drying is quality unattainable by any other method. Freeze drying enables taxidermist to take in specimens that they normally would not be able to. I am a member of the Texas Taxidermy Association. I cater to other taxidermist doing wholesale work. I offer pickup and delivery within a 75 mile radius. No deposit required. I will collect at the time of delivery.

It is important to freeze the antlers or specimen as quickly as possible preserving it in a pristine state. There will be no shrinkage or loss of color with the velvet antlers.